Jonath Robles

Internationally acclaimed for colt starting and as a traveling clinician, Jonath Robles of J.R. Horse Training has a rich history in the equestrian world.

Not just a competitor, Jonath is a dedicated trainer with a focus on natural horsemanship, diving deep into disciplines from reining to dressage.

This dedication is further shaped by his studies in Psychology at the University of Oregon.

Here, he explored the dynamics of success, translating key insights into his horse training approach, emphasizing opportunity, education, and connections.

While Jonath reveres traditional horse training teachings, he champions a more compassionate approach, influenced by luminaries like Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, and Buck Brannaman. Dubbed ‘live art,’ Jonath’s work transcends mere training, forging deeper connections with horses.

He’s collaborated with various trainers, absorbing diverse techniques to ensure a holistic approach suited for each horse, whether in dressage or western pleasure.

With a staunch belief in second chances, Jonath’s approach mirrors that of a therapist, working patiently to rebuild trust, set boundaries, and instill positive reinforcement, culminating in a harmonious partnership. Witnessing Jonath’s work is akin to watching a beautifully choreographed dance. For those seeking solutions for their equine challenges, Jonath is the beacon of hope offering your horse that coveted second chance.

"Gentle in what you do, firm in how you do it"



In the realm of equine training, the importance of a positive environment cannot be understated. Achieving excellence in sport on international platforms means being in an environment that acts as a partner in one’s success.  

My decision to join Clover Oak Ranch was based on the combination of a premiere facility experience with a quality human experience. Having the opportunity to train in the company of great people is part of what makes my new home base so special. 


The best memories and the best rewards are those times when I show a client their horse’s progress even after a couple of weeks and the client says absolutely nothing, then they approach me with tears in their eyes and give me a hug. I love my job

Integrating Success Dynamics

I have explored the dynamics of success and translated key insights
into my horse training approach, emphasizing opportunity, education, and connections.


“It’s an absolute blessing and a dream come true to have this opportunity to compete at this year’s Road To The Horse Wild Card Event.

I can’t wait to meet the horses, the competitors, the crowd, the judges and really, just be in the moment at this event. I’m honored to represent the west coast and make everyone back home proud.” – Jonath

The Western Life was excited to have Jonath Robles back on their podcast for a very unique part II of his podcast about Road to the Horse. Catch his first episode by clicking the link to the right.